Biltmore Commerce Center HVAC Rooftop Retrofit

Southwest Mechanical Services Proudly Completes a Large-scale and Complex HVAC Rooftop Central Plant Retrofit at the prominent Biltmore Commerce Center – managed by CBRE.

Southwest Mechanical was the HVAC contractor selected during late 2013 from an invitation-only pool of five top-tier mechanical contractors from around the Valley. The selection process was broken into 2 separately-bid phases:

  • Phase I – provided for the replacement of (3) 350-ton BAC cooling towers.
  • Phase II – provided for the replacement of (2) 350-ton Carrier chillers.

Southwest emerged as the HVAC contractor of choice for BOTH Q1-2014 retrofit phases which combined, totaled over $650,000 in project cost.

The project’s success hinged upon the coordination and joint planning between Southwest Mechanical and the competent management team at CBRE lead by Janet Rampton – VP, Megan Druding – Property Manager, and Erin Bates – building Chief Engineer.

The project execution by the Southwest Mechanical team and their vendors was superb. As the most critical aspect of the project, each phase was required to be substantially completed over separate weekends with no allowance for weekday HVAC system downtime – subject to a $20,000 per day delay penalty. Southwest’s ability to perform so well on a project of this magnitude, over a very short period of time was firmly rooted in the highly seasoned technicians who are nothing short of dedicated commercial HVAC experts. Great work team!

Project Highlights:

  • Each phase completed on-time and with no change orders.
  • High Energy Efficiency – annual energy savings is expected to exceed $100,000.
  • Environmental Safety – replaced hazardous R-11 refrigerant use with environmentally safe R-134a; reduced carbon footprint.
  • State of the Art Equipment – installed variable speed screw chillers with market-leading efficiency; cold condenser water tolerance, and strong part-load capabilities.
  • Superior Economics – overall capital investment payback expected to be less than 4 years.
  • Effective Noise Reduction – installed sound attenuation kits, spring vibration isolators, and flexible connections on the piping and electrical connections.

Southwest Mechanical Services is certainly grateful for having the opportunity to champion this project on behalf of CBRE and the building ownership. In the coming quarters, more key projects will be showcased as a way to illustrate some of the capabilities of the Southwest Mechanical team.