A Contractor Is Only as Good as Its Technicians

They say a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Fortunately, the links at Southwest Mechanical Services are as sturdy as they come. These talented technicians are among the most savvy and reliable in the business. In fact, they have made Southwest the success that it is today – a solid commercial HVAC company that has grown steadily and intelligently since 2003.

Each technician at Southwest Mechanical Services has a minimum of 10 years commercial HVAC experience and since they do not provide plumbing or construction-related services, their expertise is specific and keenly-focused on commercial HVAC services.

Furthermore, all Southwest technicians are:

  • Capable and qualified. Each technician can competently navigate all general mechanical HVAC applications, from chillers and cooling towers to boilers and air handlers- and everything in between.
  • Factory trained and certified by the major manufacturers like Carrier, York, Trane, McQuay, and more.
  • Highly skilled. Some Southwest technicians have even undertaken special training to provide distinctive in-house services like SPM (bearing, gear and vibration analysis), pump/motor alignment, and turbocor/magnetic bearing compressor retrofits.
  • Consistent and loyal. 80% of Southwest’s technicians have been with the company 7 years or longer.
  • Non-union. This allows Southwest to provide services that are flexible and affordable.
  • Hourly Employees. These techs are not contractors, which means they do not receive compensation through parts or services afforded to Southwest clients.
  • One step ahead. Southwest techs help their clients maintain a fair balance between operating costs and system performance by monitoring trends, proactive diagnostics and preventive maintenance. As a result, our clients require fewer repairs and emergency unit replacements with less system downtime.